A slice of life in Pilsen

Pilsen is a nice city, made for the young people and with a strong history. Known worldwide as the Capital of beers and for this special year, European Capital of Culture. 170 000 of inhabitants live in this lovely city who reveals is charm when summer comes. Where just walking or running along the rivers, the lakes and the pine forests seems sweetly quiet and a bit of magic. I am living in a nice old flat with my lovely international flatmates, Simona, Mentxu and Sylvie. It´s located in the city center, close to everything what´s bring me joy in this city: restaurants and bars, few beautiful parks, the river Radbuza,  the train station, the bus station and some of the best clubs of Pilsen 😉

I work for Open A.i.R. a residence for artists who are working for Pilsen 2015 as a technical and communication support. So my job consist in basically do everything that I can to help them in their works and get comfortable and welcomed in the city. I really like the fact that I´m always in touch with a lot of different people and always on the run from a place to another! When I´m not out to carry some materials, I´m working with my Czech boss Tereza, who´s the coordinator of the residence and Mentxu, who´s in charge of the promotional materials (and who´s also my flatmate). Ours offices are based in DEPO, a very cool place who was in the past an old stock building. It´s also the main place of a major part of the Pilsen2015 events and activities now.

I first heard about EVS by a friend who was looking to go abroad few years ago. After few years of work in festivals and cultural organisations in France, I decided to try also to have an experiment abroad through this program. I saw the description of my actual position on the database for EVS and try my hand. 2 weeks later I was in Czech Republic to work for them!

EVS is actually one of the best ways to live for a long-term abroad for the young European citizens who brings a very balanced experiment, between activities that suits to your will, a deep immersion in the culture of the country, financial independence, and time to travel. It´s a true opportunity to learn more about yourself, develop your skills and open your mind to the world and the others.

Actually I don´t have one favourite place here in Pilsen but many! Since 3 month I´m here I still discover new places, linked to the new people I meet here. There are many options to eat here but I think Satyr and Supa Supa are my favourites, it´s really cheap and good places for the lunch. For something more typical and funny I like to go to Sopodna a medieval restaurant in the city center. I will not list the bars and clubs I´ve been since I´m here but I really enjoin some good places to drink good beers with friends like Slomenej Kozel or Uctívaný Velbloud. To go out at night, the best place is Club28, a DnB Club but some others are really interesting as Divadlo Pod Lampou to see local live bands. There is also one thing I really enjoy here, it´s this sensation to be overcrowded by the nature in summer. Running all along the way to the river Radbuza is one of my favourite activities with eating a good ice-cream in the parks.

I spent my time by working for Pilsen2015, going on cultural events, to make some music on my keyboard and my guitar, to take some drinks in the bars, going out at night, to run in the nature and to visit some new cities all around Central Europe!

My favourite Czech word is ´´TY VOLE !´´ For some it´s a bit vulgar but the sound and the use is for me really really funny and I now also use it a lot…

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